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Geez, from the start she knew exactly what she’s doing. Proposition the guy for her V-Card and get paid. And, yet she had all this crazy idea that she doesn’t deserve to be treated like a hoe. Then why on earth would she put herself in that position. 🙄

Weak writing. Very noticeable.

it's fine but not the best...

Earl of Morrey, Book 32 of the Wicked Earls' Club series, and Book 13 (or 14) of The League of Rogues series, was about Adam Beaumont, the Earl of Morrey, a dangerous man who was an agent for the Home Office and had his share of dark secrets, and Lady Leticia "Letty" Fordyce, sister to Lord James Fordyce, Earl of Pembroke (husband of Adam's half-sister, Gillian). Having mistaken Letty for a French spy at a ball and therefore endangering her life, Adam was forced to compromise her in order to protect her and another person. This story had a lot going on, and it was both a book of intrigue and romance successfully blended together to form a romantic mystery. Also, the emotions once again ran the gamut. The angst was high, as was the drama. The chemistry and passion were sizzling. (As a side note: there was a bit of discrepancy in regards to Napoleon. The author had one of the characters mention certain rumors regarding Napoleon's attempt to escape from Elba and that no one "knew he would be dead in a few weeks". This was the wrong Island and timeline as this book took place in 1822...a year after Napoleon had died on the island of Saint Helena, NOT fact, Napoleon had escaped from Elba in years before this book took place. What the Author MIGHT have meant was there had been rumors of his possible attempt to escape from Saint Helena, even though there was never a mention of a date and nothing ever came of it, except that Napoleon died May 5, 1821. He had been sick for a while so there was no possible chance of an attempt "a few weeks" before his death.) As the story progressed, the danger to Adam and Letty grew to the point that they needed to find somewhere safe. As they sought safety, they grew closer together and the passion grew hotter, and the angst swelled to nearly overwhelming. The drama ramped up as well, as did anguish and fear for each other. There were so many twists and turns and heart-wrenching surprises...and some not quite so surprising... in this story that it left the reader almost breathless and racing to keep up. So far, out of all the books in this series, this book was the only one that grabbed the heart, balled it up, twisted it into knots, and yanked it back out again. Definitely a Keeper for the Shelves collection.

Really hard to read with the tech issues

I don't really like how she is always pushing him away even though she always sleeps with him, I also don't like how she overreacts on things but after that it was a good story

I read every word!!!!!! Fantastic!!!!💕💕💕💕💕 this series will be awesome!!!!

well this was boring.

Where's the first one?! Gonna have a series, be sure they're ALL here! 😠